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The World of Allegora: LARPing Innovated.

Allegorian style Live Action Role Play or (LARP): Your place for safe realistic medieval combat, extended creativity, & fun.
Last updated: 8/13/2018


 Live Action Role Play, or better known as LARP, is the act of emerging yourself into a different world. There are many different types of LARP. The most common of them take place in a medieval realm, as does this one.

Learn to take place in realistic hand-to-hand combat with safe representations of medieval weapons, with a creative and captivating lore to play in. All the fun of an RPG, Table top game, and/or your favorite medieval show/movie, now in a more intense, sport-like, story enthralling, and constructive environment. 

Why Allegora?

  • First and foremost, Our LARP group is constructed as an easy-going step by step process. Specially made  with first time players in mind and  to even be inviting to the average person who might not have the best idea of what LARP really is/can be.
  • Unlike most “LARP” groups in the U.S., we actually role play! We have our own vast story system that is easy to jump into and enjoy, even for the less creative and non-fantasy savy.
  • Not a huge fantasy person? We focus on a more real-life historical combat with our boffer weapons than other LARP groups. These weapons are also far less restrictive than any other LARP group, while maintaining the exact same amount of safety. Allowing for much more customizable weapons.
  • We have set a community standard. We help control a friendly and inviting environment for everyone. Allegora strives to have a full community who are friendly, joking, non-hateful, well-mannered, and helpful.
  • We have an implemented an achievement system that allows players to build on top of their LARP name and show experience. Adding bragging rights with none of the "I'm better then you"status like some leveling systems in other LARPs.
  • Allegora has added a MMO-like class system to add more to the fantasy side of the game and make battling MUCH more strategic. Giving players the choice to choose between special additional abilities from one of our five category of classes
  • Unlike most LARP groups, we do not require you to get dressed up or talk old English. We are here to recruit all people to the LARP world with an easy-going method. Although we do encourage it!
  • Other LARP organizations have armor points (which is hard to keep track of and very easy to cheat on). We have devised a whole new and historically accurate way to count armor, thus getting rid of both of these complications.
  • LARP has a variety of different games normally, however here in Allegora our creativity has expanded that variety to a whole new level with our one of a kind game types only found at our events.
  • We are NEVER locked in one set way of playing or rules.
    We are always welcome to trying out new ideas and ways to improve the game- your voice matters.

 To find out more about these things that set us apart and join, please continue to browse our website by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page, Thank you.