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Last updated: 9/30/2017

Weapon types

Weapon Type-Blue: A blue weapon is a one-handed weapon of smaller size and weight that can be dual wielded, used with a shield, or used all on its own.

 Weapons generally included in this weapon type are: Smaller sized swords, clubs, maces, flails, axes, and hammers.

Weapon Type-Red: A red weapon is a weapon of large size and weight that is only easily used with two-hands. If you swing a red weapon with two-hands and call out “RED!” then you are able to go straight through an opponent’s armor, break thowable weapons mid-air,  and can also break through a shield in 2 "RED!" hits. Now when you do swing to hit the opponent or their shield, you must hit with with a LARGE amount of force directly for it to count. As in, if you just glance/skim off, do not hit it using both hands, don't hit with a large amount of force, or forget call out “RED!” when you strike, it WILL NOT count and your opponent does not have to take the hit.

 Weapons generally included in this weapon type are: Large sized swords, clubs, maces, and axes.

Weapon Type-Green:  A green weapon is a weapon that uses a stabbing motion to do damage. Say I took a spear and thrust it at you. That is in a stabbing motion. These weapons can be used one-handed or two-handed, with a shield, or dual wielded.

Weapons generally included in this weapon type are: Spears, swords, glaives, halberds, and pikes.

Weapon Type-Yellow: Yellow weapons are throwing/projectile weapons, this includes weapons that are only meant for throwing and weapons that can be thrown. (NOTE: Can be broken with BREAK hits during throw/in air)

 Weapons generally included in this weapon type are: Arrows, throwing daggers, shurikens, axes, hammers, spears, and javelins. (NOTE: Swords aren't able to be thrown)

Weapon Type-Black:Black type weapons are special weapons that hold circumstances. These weapons must be reviewed by the leaders of Allegora to determine their killabilty and how they can be used in battle/be made to meet safety standards. 

For example: We have made a fully foamed weapon-called the frying-pan. This is because it's...a frying pan! Not all black weapons are a novelty weapon like this one, however the only way this weapon can do any damage/kill is if the player hits someone in the back of the head for a death shot.

Click here to see how to build them! :

TWOA Weapon Specifications

Game types

Numbers beside each game show the minimum amount of players needed to play/enjoy the game properly.
  • Cutthroat Match (3+): This is the most basic and most played of the game types. This is where someone yells out “CUTTHROAT” and everyone with a weapon immediately begins to fight in a giant free for all. There are NO alliances,  or team-ups of any fashion. Every single person fights each other. 
  • Line Battle (8+): Line Battles are the second most played type of match in Allegora. A Line Battle is where 2 plays are randomly chosen as captains form everyone who is not a captain into a line and picks people of their choosing. Then the 2 teams fight it out however they see fit. There are different variations of this type of game that are played quite a bit. It uses strategy and formation making it more complex then most games yet even more fun as well
  • Team match (6+) : A Team Match are teams made up of 2 or more players and go against a minimum of 3 teams. A 10 second countdown starts the games, as teams space themselves out on the field,and fight at the end of the count. There are NO alliances or team-ups of the different teams of any fashion. Every team fights it out alone.
  •  Arena Match (8+): Arena Matches are where everyone gets in a big circle and two players are chosen at randomly a herald to fight in the middle. The players may not go outside the circle and if the get to close can be pushed back in to the middle/into the opponent by other players making the circle. The winner continues with any limb losses to face another opponent chosen by the herald. So on and so forth.
  •  Capture the Flag: (8+)

 This is self-explanatory. 2 teams get together, made by two randomly chosen captains, each with a base where they put their flag. Then they fight it out to get past the opposing teams defenses and capture their flag and run it back to their base. If you have the flag you HAVE to drop your weapon and any shield you may be carrying. If you die in the match you must go 10 feet from your flag to respawn by counting aloud at a standard pace to 10 seconds

(NOTE: You can’t respawn if your flag is in mid-capture/ not at your base and must wait until it is. Remember, dead or alive, you must stand ten feet away from the flag while not in combat to avoid “puppy-dog” guarding. Each time a team scores a goal they are awarded a point. First team to a set number of points will win.

  •  Zombie Match: (5+)

 A Zombie Match is where 1 to 3 people are given the zombie status (depending on the number of players), and as a zombie they are not allowed to run, only  be killed  by a back, head, or chest hit, and can respawn. When a zombie is struck down, they have to stay down for 10 seconds.

Now as a zombie your goal is to infect others with your zombie virus. The way you do this is to kill a non-zombie player like you normally would with a weapon or tackle them to the ground, and after 10 seconds they will rise again as a zombie to join you. Once the last one to few remain the cure will be found (called out by herald) and Zombies will start dying permanently. (NOTE: Zombies must act and make sounds like zombies to show other players they are one/infected)

  • Ring the Bell (RTB): (6+)

There are 2 teams. Each team has a specified item/totem that is used as a respawn point. The 2 teams will fight, and if you die then you can respawn by staying dead for 10 seconds where you are and then getting up and walking to the totem, touching it, and saying "Alive" loudly.

Now the point to winning the game is to get to the other team's item and touch it (without carrying/dropping any weapons or shields) and say "Ding" to get a point. Once the bell is rung the two teams go back to their starting positions to do it repeat. The first team to three points win. Basically CTF except you don't move the item any. (NOTE: Those left to guard must stay 10 feet away from the totem to avoid “puppy-dog” guarding.)

  •  Bear Pit Match: (8+)This is a spin on the arena match, where two opponents each pull a piece of paper from a hat, bowl, etc., with varies random weapons on each piece and have to use that type of weapon to fight it out with.
  •  Weapon Specific Match: (2-8+)This is where each player have to use one specific type of weapon to fight. This could be done in Line Battle style, CT style, etc.
  •  Tournaments: (6+) Self-Explanatory. This is where a bunch of people get together and participate in a tournament. A bracket is made by a leader of Allegora and the winners advances to the next stages until there is only one.
  •  The power: (5+)A crush the carrier type game, where one person starts out with "the power" having some perk (such as extra armor). Every one tries to kill the person with "the power" and the person who does becomes the new person with "the power". Everyone comes back to life/respawns when "the power" changes to a different person. This game goes on for a set time or until "The power" kills off all attackers.
  • Juggernaut: (4+) One players is given 10-20 hit points depending on how many players (amount of times someone can hit a player before they actual can dies or lose a limb.) As all other players’ team up to take the Juggernaut down.  With each hit the Juggernaut receives he/she will count down from 20 to let the other players know how many hit points are left. When the count reaches 0 the Juggernaut can be killed like normal. The game end when the Juggernaut dies or the Juggernaut kills  off all players (NOTE: no respawn)
  •  Troll ball:(6+) The football of LARP (quite literally actually). All players are divided into two teams, each with their own goal/touchdown totem. A ball, the “troll ball” represents a football in some ways.

The “troll ball” is a foamed ball with foamed spikes. The player who holds the “troll ball” may NOT carry/use a weapon or shield. The “troll ball” may be used/thrown to kill another player, as well as thrown at the goal/touchdown totem to score. The “troll ball” may only be passed behind to another player, never in front. When the player carrying the “troll ball” dies, the opposing team may take it or it may be recovered by the team it was with already (when picking up the ball and having it, the player must drop any and all weapons and shield they were carrying).

When a player dies, they stay dead until a point is scored and then may be revived once goal position is reset. To win: the first team to reach 5 points wins.

(NOTE: Only one person at a time may guard/defend their team’s goal/touchdown totem, must remain 10 feet from that goal, and may NOT use shields why doing so.)

  • Barbarian Battle (6+)-This is where two teams are divided equally at random. One team has all their members wield blue weapons and/or a shield combination (player discretion). While the other team takes the role of barbarians where they can only wield Red and/or large throwable weapons, including spears (player discretion). The two teams fight until one team is completely defeated (normally best 2 out of 3).

  • Hunger Games (6+)-All players place their weapons in a pile at one side of the field then all line up at the opposite end. A countdown of 5-go is started, once “go” is shouted all players race towards the weapon pile and can pick up any weapon they manage to grab to fight in a free for all battle. NOTE: Players ARE NOT allowed to trip other players while running.
  • Commander-(10+):

This game is also like a line battle where players are split into two teams, but with an added twist! The team captain (aka the commander) calls the shots, just like in a board game of chess. A player may not move or attack someone directly without the commander saying so. If a player wishes to move or attack (due to something like being surrounded) he/she must ask permission from the commander first by yelling out “Commander may I *request*” and wait for the order before doing anything.

If caught doing something without an order the player must take a death. Last team left standing wins. NOTE: A player may still defend themselves regardless of an order. The commander controls his team’s movement up to 10 steps at a time, who/when to attack, and what weapons to use/throw. An order to move freely can’t be set. Every player must be kept moving strategically at all times by the commander.

  • Imp battle (7+) - This game comes into play when there is an odd number of players for a line battle. Players are split up with a volunteer to be left out and become the “Imp”. The Imp is granted the power to fight against both sides, respawn every 10 seconds, and the ability to negate classes. If an Imp lands a strike on an opponent they must shout “negate” to pronounce they have taken away their power and armor bonuses. NOTE: Imps can’t take limbs, nor kill. A player must remove their class band once negated. If all players become classless, the imp turns into a herald.

  • Kingdom battle-(10+)

This is a game of territory. Players are divided into two teams/kingdoms of red and blue. Each kingdom starts out with one territory each. There are a total of 5 and to win a team must conquer 4. A territory is represented by a pvc pipe in the ground. Each with a blue and red flag at the bottom. A bare pole show no ownership, as one with either team/kingdom color shows theirs.

To capture a territory. A player must go and grab the pole and countdown loudly at a standard pace of ten. If the countdown reaches one without interruption the territory is claimed. The player may then snap their flag in place. Territories may be recaptured. NOTE: if taking opponents territory, take off their flag and lay it down at the bottom of the pole after putting up your own. If count is disrupted, it must be restarted over.

Players can respawn after counting to ten at a standard pace and then walking over and touching one of their territory poles and yelling “alive!” NOTE: If a territory is in the process of being captured it can’t be a respawn point.

  • Pro Conquering- (6)


A close quarter’s combat game with two ways to win. Either by points or forcing an opposing team’s removal from zone 3/off the field.

Each team starts in zone one, being able to cross through the free zone. When a player steps out of their zone (excluding the free zone) or is killed normally they are eliminated for that round and must remove themselves from the field until the start of next round. When all players are killed, the round is over. The winning team moves up a zone while the losing team moves back a zone. If a team is pushed to and out of zone three the game is over.

Points are calculated by the advancement of Zones. The game is over if a team reaches 5 points regardless of if a team has been forced out of zone three or not.

The winning team of each round must designate a member as a “Keeper”. A “Keeper” must keep hold of a ball with a free hand while they fight (limiting their weapon and combat use). This is to give the defending team an advantage of recovery. When a “Keeper” is killed and the ball is dropped, the ball may be CHOSEN to be recovered by another team member becoming the new “Keeper” *NOTE* must have a free hand to do so.

 If a “Keeper” remains alive by his/her team winning that round, that team will gain an additional point (2 instead of 1).  *NOTE* The winning team, regardless of previously being the “Keeper” will remain to have one until losing.

This game doesn’t allow armor, classes, arrows, and thowing/throwable weapons. Limit to ONE shield and ONE red type per team

  • Frigid- (6+)This is the freeze tag of LARP. A Player is chosen to be the tagger, while the rest of the players are targets (Large number of people will have multiple taggers). The tagger has the power to Freeze any player by striking a player ANYWHERE ONCE and calling out “freeze”. (That Player doesn’t lose a limb or die) The player then becomes frozen.

Once a player is frozen, they must stay completely still until being unfrozen by another player. To unfreeze a player, you must strike them yourself and call out “unfreeze”.  If killing the tagger, the tagger may sacrifice a player who is frozen to come back to life, but then must count to 5 aloud at a standard pace before returning .The sacrificed person will then become out of the game completely.

If the tagger is killed with no players frozen, therefor none to sacrifice, the game is over and the tagger loses. If all players become frozen the tagger wins.

*NOTE* No shields or bows can be used in this game, The tagger can’t be killed until at least one person is first frozen, and Throwable weapons CAN be used to unfreeze players.

  • Hero (5+)- In this game a player is designated as a hero and is outnumbered by other players who are designated as villains. The goal of the hero is to rescue a totem guarded by the villains from one side of the field and bring it back to their side of the field.

The catch however is since a hero has a moral code, the hero is NOT allowed to kill any villains. Only injure/incapacitate them by removing one of their limbs (When hit in the leg a villain MUST take a knee NOT a hero). Villains are allowed to fight/kill as normal. If a villain is killed by accident or the hero is killed normally, the game is over and the hero loses *NOTE* Villains can’t use shields or throwing weapons but heroes CAN. Larger number of players gives larger number of heroes.

  • Assassin- (10+)Players all write their names on a piece of paper and put it into a drawing container. After mixed around, each player pulls a name (repick if grabbing themselves). Keeping who they drew a secret all players spread out to begin the game.

A countdown from ten is started when spread out far enough. At the end of the countdown the game begins. Each player is now an Assassin and the player then picked their target. Although you maybe another player’s target, you are not allowed to kill them if they attack you (only defend). Each player must kill their target before being able to kill anyone else. Last one standing wins!

If you are killed, accidentally kill someone else before your target, or your target is killed before you are able to kill them yourself, the game is over and you lose.

  • Story Battle-(2+) This a game with no real objection/goal. In this a storyline is picked/created and players pick a character for themselves that they want to act out. They can elaborate the details of their character at the beginning of the game or as it plays out.  The games goes off an improve bases and builds off character interaction. *NOTE* Although there is still real time battle, players can choose to be wounded instead of dyeing when dealt blows for the sake of story progression but must take this liberty lightly.
  • Tag Team- (4)This game is a 2 v 2 game. Two teams of two duel within a designated area, however only one member from each team can fight at a time. The other must wait on the sideline in a designated area and not move from that spot. A player can only enter/switch out with their teammate if tagged in by hand contact. If a palyer partner dies, they must step in immediately to fight.

If a limb is lost a, a player can tag out and regenerate their limb.*NOTE*Once a tag is made, another tag can't be made until 10 seconds has passed. A teammate may attack from their stand-still while not tagged in as long as they do  not move their feet from a resting position.

The game is won when both players on the opposing team are killed, rather by normal death blow or stepping out of the arena boundaries.

  •   One in the sheath-(5+) A giant free-for-all. Each player starts out with any weapon of their choosing and is not allowed to change at their own will once the game starts.

When you kill an opponent you must then drop your weapon and used theirs until killing another. If becoming disarmed, you have 10 seconds to retrieve your weapon before dying. *NOTE* One can not kill an unarmed player.

  • Siege battle (10+)- Setup: We start this game off by dividing all players into two teams (with a preferred minimum of ten players). Then we take 2 PVC pipes and stick them into the ground, 8 feet apart, at the 1/4th length of the field. In between the pipes is the “castle gate”, while outside of the pipes are the “castle walls”. One team is chosen as defense while the other is offense. 

   Rules: The defense team then decides how their team splits up into the 2 possibly categories in whatever amount variation the team wants. These 2 categories being range or melee, once chosen, no change can be done during a round.

    The range players are only allowed to stand behind the gate and beside it (NEVER in between/ behind of).  They will use bow and arrow or throw-type weapons only to help defend.

   Melee players are only allowed to defend inside of the gate and outside in front of it anywhere (NEVER behind/inside the castle). Defense’s goal is to defend the gate and keep offence from breaking in by killing all offensive players.

   Offense’s goal is to siege the gate.  They are only allowed to enter through the gate, once inside they must kill all players in order to win. (NOTE: Melee fighters are only allowed to retreat into castle when majority offensive players are inside the castle. Offense can go between range and melee).

   Once a round is over, teams switch offense and defense titles and go again. The team with best 2 out of 3 wins!

Onslaught (8+)- An arena style circle is made, everyone is given a random number by a herald. When your number is called you may take up to 5 seconds before enter the circle to fight. A number is called at random, in random intervals of time, with up to 4 people being able to enter the arena at one time. Paying close attention to your surroundings, players only have one life, no regenerating, no throwing weapons, and may not tackle. Be the last one standing.


Watch the Birdy (3+): Two players enter into a dueling area, all other dueling players stand in a single-file line 20 feet outside. The player in front of the line enters when another player dies. A “Birdy” is made for each 3 dueling players. As two players duel, the “Birdy” will move around, at least 15 feet away from the duel, launching projectiles  (such as throwing weapons and arrows) at players randomly. A player takes both hits/deaths by the opponent and/or a “Birdy” as normal. When dead the player will help collect and return any ammo back to a “Birdy” until another player dies, cycling to that job, and returning to the back of the dueling line.

 *NOTE* As soon as a player enters the arena, its game on for both the opponent and the “Birdy”, whom may shoot you. A “Birdy” can’t be attacked at any time and may not attack a standalone dueling player while waiting for a new player to enter.


Thrash (2+):  Great for training, first set a time limit for your game. The game starts out like any other duel, as each player tries to kill one another. However once a kill is made, that player becomes the “thrasher”, announcing it as such. The thrasher’s job is then to remain defending. As the other players keeps attacking (*Note* The thrasher should not make any offensive moves). The thrasher title changes hands every time a kill is made (like a game of tag).

Once a kill is made, everyone regenerates limbs and the game continues instantly without pause. The object of the game is to be the thrasher by the time the clock reaches 0, whoever is the thrasher at that current time wins!


Class Battle (8+): Set up just like a line battle. Players are split up into 2 teams, each with at least 5 players. Then one of each of the five Allegorian classes are then put into a sorting bowl, where each player on the team chooses at random. Each team should have one of each class. Then the teams fight it out in a class line battle to the death. *NOTE* only one class-type per team. If the player count goes beyond 5 on any given team, all extra players play WITHOUT a class. Classless players can also be chosen at random with the sorting bowl.


Departion (6+): This game needs an equal number of players to divided, rather in groups of 2 or 3. The game starts with players divided into at least 3 separate teams if not more. This game plays out like a normal team battle, where teams fight each other and are not allowed to ally with another team(s). However once a player is killed, that player will go to a designated respawn point and wait. Once there is the same number of players as there are in a designated team for that game at the respawn point-all those players are revived forming a new team together and go out to fight. This goes on infinitely until game is called or a preset time limit is reached.


Blitz (4+): This is a wonderful training game for cardio, skill, and weapon variety practice. After everyone grabs a weapon, one player is selected to start alone while all remaining players line up in a single file line about 15 feet away. One at a time a player at the beginning of the line will run in to fight, starting a one on one battle. After one player dies they will run to the back of the line and the next player in front will immediately run in, so on and so forth.

This game doesn’t have an end time, the goal is to see how many people oneself can get through before dying. (NOTE: Players who live on through into the next round DO NOT regenerate limb losses when next opponent enters, switching weapons when reentering the back of the line is encouraged but not required).


With more to come soon!


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