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Last updated: 5/12/2018

Why the story and how does it play in?

What is a LARP without its story? Nothing really. Although we don't require our players to immerse themselves into this, those wanting the full experience and fun of LARP shouldn't think twice to do so.

Here we have laid out what we call a "core story". This represents a vague central conflict for players to build their own personalized character's story off of in order to later connect all other characters together into one elaborate constructive story.

Through ideas and character development during our Story Battle game, we can create this refined world where everyone plays their part in this story. Giving a freedom of creativity within the core story's general guidance. Leaving a reflection of a epic fable with twist and turns that all majestically collaborate together to make something truly amazing to experience and later relive/read.

This process has already shown success with the first core story of Serenia now being converted for publishing into a novel series called The Chronicles of Allegora by TWOA leader: Zachary James Steele. We hope to have further material to add into this series with this second core story.


The Story Core: Talondrael

A plague has set into Allegora. As many fall ill and die, an end to this madness must come, and soon.

The world seems to be on its last breath more and more each day and soon will be left bare with an entire population of corpses and skeletons.

As some cling to hopes at legends and myths of oasis and cures in hidden corners of the world, other have given the concept of survival of the fitness a new horror. 

What is to become of you? Do whatever it takes to find a cure, or perhaps try to find salvation in truths of legends, or even rescue world on your own terms, proving to overcome such a challenge?

Whatever you choose, it could be the very thing that brings the World of Allegora back from the brink of cataclysm or very well the last push towards its destruction. The journey is yours…

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