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Last updated: 5/12/2018

How to kill and be killed.

The first thing to learn is how one can die. There are two ways to die.

  •  Getting two limbs removed. If hit in the arm, you lose that arm and must tuck it behind your back. If hit in a leg you can either fall to a knee, hop, or drag it (if you drag your leg and get hit in it a second time, it counts as two limbs losses.) *NOTE* If hit in the hand directly, it is counted as an arm loss.
  • Getting hit directly in the head or torso region. This also includes the groin and behind area as well. Once you get hit in these regions you die immediately. *NOTE* Even the lower shoulder counts as a torso kill.

IF a weapon strike or stab barely connects/hits with little to no force, call out the word "scar" to let your opponent know it wasn't a good hit and doesn't count.

"Gash" Rule:

Theatrical slashes, power named “gash”, will not count as a “scar”. Meaning if using a weapon representing a sword or other blade-like weapon, a player now may call out “gash” and run the blade along another player counting as a strike. These will count as a normal hit, as long as the word “gash” was called mid-swing and is presented more theatrically then a normal hit “I.E. Any thing that would represent a real fatal injury if the weapon were real.

We ask all our players to die theatrically once being killed to keep the spirit and livelihood of the game. Once dead, one can wait to be revived by a class or put your weapon over your head (to show you are not still in the game to other players) and walk off the game field to the sidelines until the next game.

"Fatality" Rule: If killing a player by removing two limbs (even if you were to only remove the last one) you may perform a theatric fatality by calling out the name "Fatality" mid-strike.

  If coming up from behind someone, since a full force hit isn’t needed to kill them, we ask players to consider doing something similar to the “gash” rule to help avoid non-needed aggression and add more theatrics to the game. If coming up behind someone and delivering a fatal blow, do a theatric kill and yell the power name “Fatalitymid-strike.

I.E. coming up behind a player with a spear and ramming it through their armpit for a theatric death. The game will feel more alive with showmanship and keep possible confusion or outrage from a player being blindsided.

By doing a fatality, this makes it impossible for the character to be revived in any way. *NOTE* The Fatality must be theatrical and not just some sort of quick stab. This does not effect games with respawn.


Allegorian Armor rules. 

Our armor unlike most LARP groups do not deal with armor points. TWOA finds that system to hard to keep up with during combat and to easy to cheat on. Instead we  have taken a more historical approach to what most people think of when they think of armor, that being steel armor.

Once armored, you are protected from a variety of weapon strikes permanently (only on armored covered areas). Armor pieces are split up as: Head, Shoulder to elbow, Elbow to wrist,  Front torso, Back torso, Hip to knee, and Knee to ankle. Armored areas must appear VERY apparent to all players. Armor just needs to look its part and may range from real leather or steel to sturdy plastic Halloween costume armor.

  • Grant armor- protects you against all normal slashes, stabs, small throwing weapons, and arrows. NOTE: Still vulnerable to RED hits (two handed weapons, explained more in Weapon and Game types). Players are only allowed 4 armor pieces regardless of appearing to be fully armored due to costume reasons/look. In this situation, the armor placement choice is forfeited and defaults to applying to the torso, back, and both arms from elbow to wrist. Disregarding any of the other armor. This is to avoid confusion and overpowered players.

Helmet Rule (Safety First):

All players, if they so choose, regardless of game-type, class-type, and armor policy (doesn't count as an armor point) are allowed to wear a helmet to protect from incidental head shots. Players may never strike a “RED” hit to a helmet, although they count as complete armor.

Combat rules

  • A release and waiver form MUST be signed in on file (find it here-(How to join)
  • There is an honor code for all players, those who break the rules will be asked to leave and/or banned from all future events permanently.
  • Only solid hits count. When a weapon barely/lightly hits or stabs you, call out the word "scar" to let your opponent know it wasn't a good hit and doesn't count.
  • If at any time a hit is called into question by disagreement, our honor code states to ALWAYS take the shot.
  • Safety is a prime concern of ours. Although we do allow head and groining shots, we remind our players to take these permissions lightly. If caught intentionally or constantly unintentionally harming another player, you will be banned. We allow/encourage to wear a helmet and protective cup 
  • If needing to stop combat for any reason for yourself/disqualify yourself do to something like getting upset or not feeling well, Raise three fingers and yell "Yield" to show you are opting out for that game (This will not allow you to rejoin within the same game.) 
  • If another player is injured, or otherwise breaking a rule that needs the game to be halted, yell out "HOLD!". Once hearing this, each player should yell it as well, making everyone stop/ The player who called hold, and/or the appropriated leadership may tend to the cause and re-begin the game with a  "Lay-on" once the problem is taken care of .
  • Unless specified otherwise, only the top 3 played games of:  Cutthroat, line battles, and team battles implements the class and armor system. (For more info go to page:(How to join/Getting started). In all other game types there will no classes/perks and worn armor will be ignored.
  • Players are allowed to kick shields (not other players, just shields)
  • Players are allowed to tackle other players. If killed upon a tackle, a player must stop/give up on the tackle.
  • Throwable weapons and shields (if using a two-handed weapon) can be broken while in the air/being thrown or on the ground by yelling out "BREAK". NOTE: one handed weapons can't break shields, only throwing/throwable.
  • Heralds (referees), when in place, should never be talked back to or disagreed with under ANY circumstance.  Their verdicts are law. Heralds are represented with a neon orange band or vest on their person.
  • After being killed, players should die theatrically. If a player has been dead for 5 seconds and can't/doesn't want to be brought back to life, the player may get up and put their weapon on their head (so other players don't get confused if the player is still alive) and walk off the field a safe distance away from fighting.
  • NEVER fight angry or trash talk, if upset sit out a few games.
  • BEFORE using any new weapon, always get it tested to see if it passes by a leader of Allegora. (NOTE: All previously checked weapons must be rechecked every month due to wear and tear.)
  • ONLY use weapons that have been passed by the leaders of Allegora first. To maintain the safest games possible.
  • When wanting to pick up a weapon not belonging to you on the field, you MUST ask permission from its owner before using it.
  • Armor can only be used after passing inspection by Allegorian leaders. Armor can only be used by the warrior class.
  • A player can only carry 3 throwing/throwable weapons on them at any given time.
  • In order to be a class, a player must be wearing garb (medieval clothing) and wear the color class band assigned to that class. (Explained more below). Players who don't choose to be a class/don't meet qualifications, will simply fight in the normal standard way.
  • We request and encourage all players who have attended at least 3 events to make their own weapon. All borrowable weapons are marked with white tape around their hilt/bottom, these weapons can be picked up an used without asking. If a weapon doesn't have this white tape marking, please ask it's owner before picking up or using.

Class Rules

Classes give each person a special ability/advantage and are recognized by a certain color represented by each class . When you choose a class you like, you must wear the color that represents that class as a headband, armband, or wristband to show other players what class you are. Each class comes with a balance of strengths and weaknesses, mastering how to use a class to it's full potential is keen.

Every class is only usable to people wearing garb (dressed up in medieval type clothing). Classes may be changed at the beginning of each new game (as long as you can represent the new class your changing into).


Classes (Video explanation below)

  • Cleric: (Color indicator:White)A magic class that uses healing forces to defend the battlefield. They can't wield armor due to the interference it brings to their power. A holy power of light that makes the cleric able to regenerate their own and other players limbs by touching the severed limb and counting aloud at a standard pace of 5 seconds, while staying still. They also can revive dead players by holding on to their corpse and counting aloud at a standard pace of 10 seconds, while staying still. (NOTE: When the count is broken due to movement, the count must be restarted over again. When a player is revived, they can not reuse "once per game" abilities again. Can't heal or revive Warlocks). Also, The Cleric's Blue (one handed) weapons  are enchanted by this holy power, granting them the power to stab through heavy armor.
  • Warlock: (Color indicator: Red) A magic class that uses demonic energy to reek chaos on the battlefield. Warlocks can't wield armor due to the interference it brings to their power. An unholy power of being able to instantly bring the dead back to life by forcefully possessing the spirit back into the fallen corpse. ONCE per game the Warlock may instantly resurrect a dead player from up to 10 yards away by calling out the word “Demon”. If a Warlock dies before using this ability, within 10 seconds of the deathblow, this ability may be used to resurrect the warlock themselves, coming back until being killed once more like normal. (NOTE: Never both. The demon ability can only be used once per GAME if revived. If Demoned a player does not come back with their class abilities. Warlock's can't be demoned by another Warlock or revived by Clerics). A Warlock's body holds evil and tainted blood, therefore they are immune to "poison" effects of a rogue (but still take the hit normally).
  • Rogue: (Color indicator: Green) - Rogues use their ability of accuracy with ranged weapons and stealth to their very deadly advantage. A rogue may only wear light armor arm bracers to keep their movement/stealth to its maximum. A rogue is the only class that has the ability/skill to use throwing daggers and bows. Rogues may ONCE per game (not life if revived or demoned) choose to use a “poison” ability that kills an enemy instantly no matter where the blow may land. (This can only be used by striking with either a dagger or arrow. This ability also keeps a player from getting revived or demoned. (NOTE: To activate this ability, a player must call out the power name "Poison" to indicate its use.)
  • Warrior: (Color indicator: Brown) A highly offensive melee fighter that tares the battlefield apart with rage and aggression. Warriors can wear 4 pieces of armor (anywhere the player chooses). They are the only class that can use/throw shields as a weapon by using their fierce veracity. Making these shield bashes/throwing strikes count as if a weapon hit the body. They are also the only class that are skilled enough/can use spears. *NOTE* If costume makes a player look fully armored, armor points are automatically assumed to cover torso, back, and both arms elbow to wrist (disregarding player choice) . Before using a shield as a weapon it must be fully covered by foam with no exposed hard surface and passed by Allegorian council as a "warrior-shield".
  • Brute: (Color indicator: Grey) Able to break through shields
    in only one RED hit (instead of two) by calling out "Brute". Also can take 2 hits to any limb before its loss by also calling out "brute" to show its use *NOTE* Non limb hits and RED hits to brutes limbs still count as  normal.


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