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The World of Allegora: LARPing Innovated.

Allegorian style Live Action Role Play or (LARP): Your place for safe realistic medieval combat, extended creativity, & fun.
Last updated: 5/12/2018

What you need to know!

  • You must be at least 13 years old to play. No exceptions.
  • Everyone MUST sign and bring in this release form before being able to play: The World of Allegora's Policy, Release of Liability, and Waiver form
  • Reading and fulling understanding both pages:Rule & class system & Weapon and Game types is a MUST before continuing with anything else.
  • Your first few times coming to an event, you will be able to  borrow some loaner weapons. If deciding to continue to come and play, you must start to bring your own weapon. BEFORE making your own weapon, make sure to check out our TWOA Weapon Specifications (Scroll below to get some idea for what materials you will need and where to get them.)
  • We strongly encourage everyone to pick a character/nickname for themselves to make the game more lively and fun. So go ahead and make one for yourself, and don't be afraid to come up with a back story in the process. We sometimes do story type battles and it really helps you get more into the game.
  • This game is more fun with the more people that are playing, so we strongly encourage you to bring someone as much/whenever you can!
  • If you ever have any more questions or just want to know more, visit: Contact Us. and we will be happy to answer them.

Materials/tools you will need to make a weapon.

Prices vary on all of this materials, but the prices listed are the average of them. Don't let some of these scare/mislead you. These material can make SEVERAL weapons/ armor and in turn make  most weapons the cost of around $10.

  • Pvc pipe is the core to every weapon ( $2.50 for 10 feet normally bought at Home depot). Fiber glass rod, a stronger and lighter core ( $5 for 5 feet normally bought online at goodwinds.com.)
  • Blue camp foam- the main thing to make anything in LARP. ($7.50 for a 8 foot roll, normally bought at Walmart.)
  • Cardboard for structure and support for weapons and armor (especially for advanced ones)- (free at any store if asked, normally at night in Walmart.)
  • Industrial strength Duct tape/Gorilla tape- strong tape to help bind foam to pvc/FGR, cardboard, and other foam. ($8 for a big roll normally bought at Walmart). For even better results buy DAP contacting cement ($6.50 for a big can, normally bought at Home depot or Walmart.)
  • Colored/aluminum duct tape or cloth- for extra decoration. ( $4 a roll, normally bought at  Walmart. While cloth can be purchased at fabric stores. To go for cheap cloth buy some $12 bedsheets from Walmart.)
  • Electric/grip tape- To wrap your weapons handle. ($1-3 depending on which one you get. Normally bought at Walmart.)

Tools and other thing you will need after buying your materials:

  •  A box cutter/knife to cut the foam and cardboard.
  • PVC cutters to make it a lot easier to cut the pvc
  • A supervisor of Allegora/helper to make the process easier and more efficient.
  • TIME- it can take a long time to make some of these. Roughly an hour and a half normally.

Click here to see how to build them! :

TWOA Weapon Specifications

How to start an Allegorian branch of your own?


  • Have at least  5 starting members.
  •  Learn the rules and abide by them.
  •  Complete a Skype or phone interview with Allegorian council to get start-up advice and preparedness. 
  •  Create and keep up with a facebook group page (that we help moderate).
  •   After council approval, pick an original “Kingdom/region name” to go by. Example of ours: Talondrael of The World of Allegora.
  • *NOTE*  If not maintaining proper leadership or representation of TWOA for any period of time; the branch will be disassociated by a majority vote from Allegorian council.


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