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The World of Allegora: LARPing Innovated.

Allegorian style Live Action Role Play or (LARP): Your place for safe realistic medieval combat, extended creativity, & fun.
Last updated: 9/30/2017


Sat. 7/16 2:00 PM LARP DAY-Devin Scruggs house

We meet at Devin's house

Mon. 9/5 12:30 PM LARP get together (Supply day)

We are going to hang out, and go get supplies to make weapons and all that. Just have a really fun time together.

Sun. 9/11 1:30 PM Job interview for LARPers

to work in a haunted house this october

Fri. 9/16 3:00 PM Early Audtions for Movie

Early aurditions for movie

Sat. 9/17 12:30 PM Early Auditions for Movie

The normal Saturday of LARP

Sat. 10/1 1:30 PM Auditions for movie
Sun. 10/2 3:00 PM Auditions for movie
Sat. 10/22 9:30 AM Read through at Josh Morris house

All actors must attend

Sun. 10/23 11:00 AM LARP day

Sat. 10/29 10:00 AM Larp day

The normal Saturday of LARP

Sat. 11/19 10:00 AM Larp Day- Savanah Brown's House (2008 Orion Jones rd, Champmansboro, TN)

Sun. 11/20 12:00 PM LARP CANCELLED/ Movie shoot at Savanah Brown's house

Zire, Two extras, Albalind, Kael

Fri. 12/23 12:00 PM LARP christmas!!!!

Sun. 11/24 2:00 PM Allegora's first pracitce of Murfreesboro, TN

This is our first meeting in the Murfreesboro, TN area. We plan to test out a completely new rule and class system, as well as grow this Murfreesboro group to high expectations!

In Old Fort Park.

Sun. 3/2 1:30 PM Full LARP event!

Sun. 4/6 4:30 PM Allegorian Member Meeting

A HUGE meeting afterwards to discuss everything about the group: elect leaders, rule changes, policies, member recruitment, and story/theme discussionYour voice matters only if your there!

Sun. 5/4 1:00 PM TWAO event!

A day to LARP where all are welcomed!

4:15 PM Beltane practice and meeting.

All members going to this large LARP event need to meet for practice and final discussion at Council member Kronos's (Zac) house.

Thu. 5/8
Sun. 5/11
12:00 AM
11:00 AM
Beltane event!

$25 for one of the biggest LARP gatherings around this year. Loads of fun and two feast's included in price of admission. All TWAO council is going!


Sun. 5/18 1:00 PM TWAO event!

A day to LARP where all are welcomed!

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